We Run celebrity


We run influence Marketing

Through the popular people by

recommending your product

The best way to lead the market is to create an influence on the market. But, becoming an influencer is not an easy task. Why should someone listen to you, and why not someone else. It is true, to be a market leader you have to be an influencer. Influential marketing is largely based on the right marketing mix. Based on your business, and business assets, we develop a marketing mix for influential marketing, that could benefit your business. Influencers are often looked upon as role models, and that is why through influential marketing the purchasing decisions of consumers can be influenced. As per the available stats, 49 percent of customers get influenced for making any kind of purchases, through influential marketing. Market stats also suggest that 73 percent of companies allocate a dedicated budget for influential marketing. Influential marketing has become of the most important channel for effective customer acquisition. Through marketing stats, it has been proved that influential marketing has more than 11 percent ROI. Do you know 40 percent of the customers made their purchase decision, based on a tweet from their influencer on twitter? Most of the business houses stay away from influencing marketing, assuming that influential marketing is costly, as it needs hiring a celebrity to influence the purchased decisions of the customers. But, this is not correct. Influential marketing is all about the right marketing strategy and right marketing mix, which our experts can develop for your business.

What you can achieve with influential marketing? You do a lot with influential marketing. You can create brand awareness about your brand. You can use influential marketing strategies to drive sales. You can change the attitude of the buyers, along with their purchase patterns. With influential marketing retain your customers throughout the customer cycle.


How we will develop our

influential marketing strategy?

An influential marketing strategy needs a perfect mix and understanding of business assets. Our experts aid influential marketing for our customers in different ways.



We Create an

Ad strategy

Before even designing the campaign, our digital marketing experts spend a good amount of time in understanding the buyer personas. Who is buying your product? Who is going to buy your product in the future? What they like and what they don’t like about your product? We also try to understand what motivates your customers to make their purchasing decisions. We create a strategy that is based on your buyers.


We Identify the

right Influencer

We have dedicated algorithms and mechanisms to identify the micro-influencers for influential marketing. The micro-influencers are responsible for influencing purchase decisions. While macro-influencers are identified to influence micro-influencers and develop a positive attitude amongst them.




Your Employee


Do you know your employees are the biggest ambassadors of your brand? They can be an important part of the strategy. We develop strategies to create employee communities, that can drive brand awareness, and work in tandem with the micro-influencers.


Your Analytics


We develop a customized dashboard to do live tracking of our campaigns. Get important data with a single glance on the dashboard.