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Where does creativity come from? When asking this question to artists, dancers, musicians, writers, architects, and engineers, they all answered knowledge. The more knowledge and understanding one has the more creative one can be. While creativity in these fields results in human pleasure, applying creativity in business should lead to its primary goal which is profit. It is not generating profit it is not creative! Of course, it is a bonus if your audio and visual materials look good but this is not their primary function. The function of all aspects of business is to turn a profit. It doesn't matter how good your product looks or sounds, if it is not making you money it is not doing its job.

The creativity you apply to business should be directed at the accumulation of knowledge. Much of this information is available on the internet and while it is important to have and understand this information, there is one thing all of this data is missing. Much of this data is an aggregate form meaning it is grouped information. However, as a business person, your priority is individual information.

The best way to obtain this data is to get it yourself. Yes, do your own research. Prepare prospect as well as customer questionnaires. These are not the turn off that many business owners suppose they are. Of course, not every visitor to your site or every customer will fill in a questionnaire but those who do are giving you valuable, useful information pertinent to your business. Prefacing these questionnaires with a phrase such as "the more we know the better we can serve you" works tremendously well.

It is in your questionnaires that you exercise your creativity. Always ask questions that open new doors. The answers to your questions can provide you with immense power which you can implement into your website and your e-mail campaigns. Remember, it is far better to know something specific about your customers than to know everything about the market in general. Examine carefully the answers you do receive. If you notice that a majority of your customers are coming in from a particular zip or area code this might then prompt you to do a mailing campaign in that area as you must be doing something right. Obviously knowing about your customers is an area of key concern but equally important are those prospects or visitors who have yet to purchase anything form you. Your goal is to find out what that reason is. If there are things you can control then you take every step and measure you can to rectify the situation. You must do all that you can to turn prospective visitors into customers or clients.

Good marketing builds confidence and trust and invites purchases. The best marketing techniques are the ones that get through to people. One may spend a lot of time looking at stats and reports and one may forget that behind each number is a real person. That is one reason why knowing who your customers are and knowing a lot about them will help you stand out amongst your competitors. .



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We conceptualize, design and develop complex online applications built around the user and focused on the specific needs of each client. We are specialists in the development of corporate applications for both internal and external use and aimed at team organization,process optimization and productivity enhancement.




We develop cross-platform mobile applications with complex functionalities. We strive to ensure optimal performance and to maximize compatibility with a wide range of devices.






We develop cross-platform desktop applications for Windows and MacOS. We implement tailored complex desktop applications providing a robust, secure and fast system that can be run without Internet access.




With the development of an API, individual applications are unified and brought together so they can operate as a whole, thus overcoming potential compatibility issues. This simplifies processes such as purchasing,content publishing and information sharing.